Technological University (Hmawbi)

History of our university

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  • October 1989

    Technical High School (THS)

    Technological University (Hmawbi) was started as Technical High School (THS) since in the era of State Peace and Development Council in October 1989.

  • 1998

    Government Technical Institute (GTI)

    It was upgraded into Government Technical Institute (GTI) in 1998 in order to produce more Middle-run technicians for the Nation.

  • January 2001

    Government Technological College (GTC)

    In January 2001, it was again upgraded to Government Technological College (GTC) to nurture technologists and engineers.

  • 20th January 2007

    Technological University

    On 20th January 2007, it was finally upgraded to Technological University and now TU(Hmawbi) is under the Ministry of Education since 2016, April. At present, it is offering six Engineering Programmes: Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Information Technology and Architecture. In order to achieve the quality standrad of teaching and learning, and research and development (R & D), Technological University (Hmawbi) is linked not only with other technological universities in Myanmar but also has signed MOUs with some universities in ASEAN region. Syllabuses and Curriculum for each Engineering and academic subjects are also bench - marked with other universities with good repatation to meet the requirement of International standards.

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To become internationally recognized, high-ranking University that nurtures highly qualified  Engineers and Architects who are needed in building the Nation, Myanmar.


  • To educate and nurture students in a systematic way to become qualified engineers and architects who:  can create a culture of innovative academic environment for all-round development of community
  • Have a strong desire in contributing to social welfare and building of modern developed nation 
  • Can dedicate themselves to teamwork, collaboration and self-directed and lifelong learning
  • Have committed to the innovative and ethical application of science and technology in addressing the most pressing societal needs
  • Have the ability to think rationally, be approachable and good at solving problems

Core Value

  • Freedom of thought and innovation
  • Quality assurance for high caliber engineers
  • Foundation for leaders with high moral values and national spirit
  • Good reputation for the contribution to national and local development