Technological University (Hmawbi)

Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering

Department of Electrical Power Engineering

About this Program

Department of electrical power engineering is one of the main engineering departments of Technological University (Hmawbi). Department of Electrical power engineering  provides an Electrical engineering education to under graduates (Bachelor of Engineering )and post graduate students (Master of Engineering) . This Department has been established since thirty years ago.

There are five main engineering fields in this department.

  1. Low Voltage , installation and Safety

  2. Electrical Machinery

  3. Power Systems

  4. Renewable Energy and

  5. Electrical control.

In this  Electrical Power Engineering Department , about eight hundred students who are learning in undergraduate and twenty postgraduate programme receptively.

Now, Electrical power department is trying the Graduates  will contribute the advancement of electrical power engineering knowledge and practice of graduates who will apply fundamental scientific and engineering principles to solve complex engineering problems systematically, creatively and innovatively, with the aids of modern analytical and design tools including research methodology. And nurturing the Graduates of the programme will communicate and manage effectively as a leader and/or team player in diverse destinations of electrical power engineering and in multi-disciplinary environment, striving for responsible leadership and engineering innovations.