Technological University (Hmawbi)

Department of Engineering Mathematics

About Our Department

Engineering Mathematics Department is one of the most popular department in Technological University of Hmawbi. Mission of the department is to educate and train the students to be able to perform effectively in real world, to become ICT professionals in various ICT fields.

Fostering our students with strong desire in conducting  social activities and intellectually stimulating to qualified Engineers and Architects  who understand professional Ethics well and creating innovative academic environment for all around development of community.


Mathematics is to basic to developing enginnering.


KPI for Department of Engineering Mathematics

All Lecture are prepared under QMS scheme and conduct this lecture to student accordance with the curriculum.

Controlling class to be attended regularly and staff are given duties and responsibilities specifically.

If staffs from department take leaves, the duties and responsibilities are systematically hand over

         Office : Building 1-1

            Technological University (Hmawbi)