Technological University (Hmawbi)

Department of English

About Our Department

The English Department is one of the supporting departments at the Technological University (Hmawbi). The English Department has been creating a stimulating learning environment for students. Students’ achievement, improvement and competency in English Language are our main goals. We develop students’ existing knowledge about English Language and broaden their horizon in using English in scientific and engineering contexts. We provide them with support, guidance and help so that each and every student develops his or her language skills. In addition to this, they can use language powerfully and effectively in their lifelong learning and presenting their discoveries and findings clearly by the use of an international language, English.

   The primary mission of the English Department is to foster students’ existing knowledge about language. Another primary mission is to enhance students’ use of language in scientific and engineering contexts and to develop their basic engineering concepts and knowledge so that they will be able to present their ideas, discoveries and findings effectively.